Visas are an essential requirement for migrants to be able to legally move to, and work in, many countries around the world.

australia passport stampSkilled migrants are generally warmly welcomed as there is a global shortage of people with the skills needed to drive a modern economy. However, the process to obtain a visa can be complex and even daunting. The Emigration Store is here to help you understand the system in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Australia continues to attract migrants from all over the world, drawn by the lifestyle, weather and economic opportunities.

Far away from Europe and the US but in close proximity to the emerging markets of Asia, Australia’s economy has fared well in comparison to many other countries. High demand for moving to Australia has been met with high demand for migrant labour to help the economy continue to grow and to meet shortages that the local labour force can’t satisfy.

Along with visas that cover the permanent right to work, there are a range of visas that cover those wanting to work temporarily or to move to be closer to family or even to study.

Australia has a very well structured Visa Programme which is designed to meet the needs of the economy, both at an economic and social level. In essence, the visa programme has two components:

The migration component – this consists of the different streams such as the skill stream, family stream and the special eligibility migrants
The humanitarian component – as the name implies, Australia meets some of its global humanitarian responsibilities by offering entry to refugees and others in humanitarian need.

The Emigration Store Guide to Australian Visas will help you understand better what your options are, how best to assess the Australia visa requirements and how to maximise your chances of that life-changing move down under.


Canada is undoubtedly an attractive place to live and work and has welcomed thousands of immigrants as the economy has continued to grow. A strong economy has seen ongoing strong demand for foreign workers and the Government has a flexible programme designed to make finding work in Canada as easy as possible for foreign migrants.

Navigating the visa system can be complex and confusing- the Emigration Store is here to help you understand how to maximise your chances of gaining the visa immigration passport stampthat will make your dream move come true. See the Emigration Store Guide to Canadian Visas for all the information you need.


New Zealand is rightly praised for its attractive lifestyle and despite its location on the other side of the world from the UK, continues to prove popular with Brits seeking a new and better life. Navigating the visa process can prove tricky depending on your skill level, family circumstances and what, if any, level of investment you can make into the country.

The Emigration Store Guide to New Zealand Visas is here to make it easier for you to assess your options, understand the system and help you on your way to making your dream come true.