Finding a property that you can call home when you emigrate is a fundamental part of your settling in experience. It can provide stability and a sense of belonging.


A recent report by Credit Suisse suggest that nearly 20% of new properties in Sydney,  and 14% of new properties in Melbourne, are being bought by wealthy Chinese. However, it also states that the rise in domestic house prices (to some of the highest levels in the world) is, whilst not attributable to foreign demand but rather due to low interest rates, increased affordability and domestic investors, a cause of concern for the government.

At the same time, economists have been warning for several years that the Australian ‘housing bubble’ may be about to burst. The Emigration Store Guide to the Australian Property Market will help you assess the market, its strengths and weaknesses, where’s hot and where’s not; in short all you need to know to make an informed decision about where to rent or buy, surely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make!



Recent data from the Canadian Real Estate association shows that, as of March 2014, the national average house price increased by 6% over the year. Activity in the property market is uneven however, with Greater Toronto and Calgary accounting for about one-quarter of all national activity.

The Emigration Store Guide to the Canadian Property Market will help you understand the market better and enable you to decide how to make your first step on the housing ladder.


New Zealand

In such a diverse country, across two main islands, with different climates, population demands and economic outlook, which regions are hot and which regions offer value for money in the property market?

The Emigration Store Guide to the New Zealand Property Market will help you assess the market and understand the trends driving prices and demand, in short where’s the best place to buy!