When moving abroad, amongst the many things that you will need to organise is your banking arrangements.

westpac-bank-building-sydneyWestpac Bank, SydneyYou may choose to close your UK accounts on departure and start afresh, or you may choose to keep a UK account open – this is the most sensible approach as you will almost certainly need access to cash for trips home or to make ongoing payments.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get your new bank account all set up and up and running whilst you are still in the UK, rather than waiting until you land in your new destination?

When you first arrive in your new country, having an account already in place with cash waiting for you, a debit card and a credit card in your wallet or purse will be a great benefit. It will not only smooth your first few weeks but it will help avoid costly charges on your domestic credit card.

Does it really matter which bank you choose?

Well, if you're moving to Sydney or Toronto you can choose any suitable bank and pretty much guarantee there will be branches available everywhere. However, what if you are moving to a small, farming community a long way from the city?

Internet banking, right?

Pretty much standard these days, but what if you want to arrange a mortgage or take out a business or personal loan? Remember, you won't have a credit history as you would at home (unless you are able to open up a new local bank account with a bank which has global reach and a UK presence).

It may also be some time before you get a job so it will almost certainly take face-to-face meetings to arrange many of these things unless the new bank you choose has the ability to set up your new account online.