australia-multi-cultural-society-smallerModern Australia is a cosmopolitan society

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The prospect of moving abroad to another country is a challenging, exciting and, yes, risky enterprise. What can you do to be better prepared?

Those who take on the challenge of uprooting themselves and their family to another country, culture and lifestyle have never been better prepared. The world has shrunk as cheap travel has broadened the horizons of millions.

The days of the ‘Ten Pound Poms’, when over a million Brits stepped into the relative unknown and moved to Australia after the Second World War, are long gone.  In the 19th century, many moved with only the faintest understanding of what to expect on arrival in their new country.

Today, through television, literature, the internet, holidays, relatives and friends who have made the move abroad, we no longer step in to the unknown. We know more, understand more and prepare better. Or do we?

In todays’ modern, connected world, one of the problems we now face is how to sift through the vast mass of information available to get to the vital information that we really need. What are the really important issues to research and resolve before committing to a move abroad?

Migrants in previous times often had nothing to give up; anything was better than their current life. That’s not true today. Moving abroad poses a whole new set of questions that need to be answered, risks to be assessed and opportunities to be weighed. Finding jobs abroad is a vital aspect but working abroad has also never been easier as the demand for certain skills has become truly global.

Today there is a word or phrase for everything. Previous generations wouldn't have understood the nature of 'culture shock' whereas this is still recognised as being something that modern emigrants still suffer from, despite an infinitely better understanding and experience of the world.

The biggest decision of your life needs careful, considered analysis. The Emigration Store is here to provide the information, analysis and understanding that will help you to make an informed choice. Get it right and a wonderful new life beckons; get it wrong and the financial and emotional consequences can be painful.

These free Emigration Store Expat Economy Guides will help you make a better, more informed decision – moving abroad made easy!

Australia Guide sponsored by
National Australia Bank, Australia's no.1 Expat Bank
Emigrating to Australia offers the prospect of a fantastic lifestyle, combined with the all economic opportunities that a dynamic, vibrant economy situated close to the fast-growing Asian economies presents. What sectors are growing, what skills are in demand, how much can you expect to earn, what's the state of the housing market? All this, and much more, is packed into our free Expat Guide to the economy of Australia.
Canada Guide sponsored by
Toronto Dominion - Your Banking partner in Canada
COMING SOON!! Vast and rich, Canada offers myriad opportunities for expatriates looking for a better life. However, given its size, how can you make sense of the economy overall and what the opportunities in each Province offer? This FREE Expat Guide to the economy of Canada will help you understand why many migrants choose to emigrate to Canada and how best you can take advantage of all this stunning country has to offer.
New Zealand Guide sponsored by
Bank New Zealand - The Friendly Bank
COMING SOON!! New Zealand may be a long way from home, but if you want a 'home from home' feel combined with a fantastic, laid-back lifestyle, New Zealand could well be for you. What is the economic outlook, what sectors are booming, what skills are in demand, what can you expect to be paid. This FREE Expat Guide will help you assess the opportunities that New Zealand offers and take you one step closer to that dream move abroad.