When applying for jobs in Canada, it is useful to know which sectors and which industries are likley to have the strongest demand for skilled ot unskilled migrants.

stunning-sunset-vancouver-canadaVancouver, popular for expats looking to work in CanadaMany of Canada's leading industries are urgently looking for skilled migrants to meet local skills gaps. Those potential migrants looking to work in Canada will benefit from this skilled labour shortage.

Whilst, overall, employment growth has been subdued since the middle of 2013, the transition to a high-skilled economy is expected to create many thousands of jobs in Canada.

This transition is a key focus of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in a recent report which highlighted that tight labour markets in some areas exist, despite high unemployment in others.

The demographic shift, resulting in retirements and a shrinking labour force, is expected to see continuing strong demand for migrant skilled labour to fill the gaps that locals cannot.

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