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Australian States have many different facets to them, spanning geography, climate, population density, remoteness and economic opportunities.

If you are contemplating emigrating to Australia you may be drawn to a particular state by existing family or friends. Alternatively, you may have particular skills in demand in a certain location which 'pulls' you there. However, if you are unsure where you want to move to, have no particular connection to a place or city, and have skills in demand across the whole country, your decision about where to move to can seem daunting!

Getting it 'right' can be the difference between a life-changing move which fulfills your hopes and dream, and more. Get it wrong, and the regrets and recriminations can quickly set in, with the distinct possibility of becoming a 'boomerang expat' ie returning home quickly, fingers burned and disillusioned.

The Emigration Store Guide to the states of Australia is designed to give you an insight in to what makes each state unique.

Where To Live In Australia?